"Corners of a Sphere" explores the interaction between two distinct realms: "the sphere", representing the mind (VR painting), and "the corners", symbolizing the body of the artwork (physical paintings). Each project includes one 4K video derived from the VR painting (NFT on SuperRare) and nine acrylic paintings on paper (12.7 cm x 17.8 cm) born from still images of the VR painting.
The mind, symbolized by the sphere, serves as the genesis of this artistic journey. It emerges as a spherical painting realized within the realm of virtual reality, transcending the confines of traditional formats. This spherical mind embodies a continuous cycle, devoid of a definitive beginning or end. It serves as an analogy for the intricate interplay of sensory variables, similar to meditative practice in which all components blend harmoniously into a unified whole.
Conversely, the corners represent the body, embodying its capacity for selectivity, concentration and framing. The corners act as a conscious extraction of nine distinct segments of the body, guided by an aesthetic preference for order. These nine physical paintings emerge as deliberate choices manifested from the corners of the sphere. They symbolize the synergy between the digital and physical realms, engaging in a dialogue that invites contemplation of the expanded possibilities of painting as an art form.
By merging the digital and the physical, "Corners of a Sphere" offers a unique perspective on the limitless possibilities of artistic expression. It integrates imagination and tangible reality, inviting viewers to question the nature of perception and the transformative power of art.

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