Created in Stefany's VR laboratory, "Floral Impressions" draws inspiration from master impressionist painters including Manet, Degas and Renoir. Through the artistic process, questions have arisen about how to approach these new mediums. On one hand, there is a desire to use technology as a tool to forget the traditional knowledge of painting and to reinvent it anew. On the other hand, the concept of expanded painting is explored, utilizing painting as a sculptural form within the Metaverse.
The inspiration for developing these new methodologies stems from the abundant wealth of form, color, composition, and movement found in nature. This approach is driven by the desire to explore how painting and nature intertwine and reinterpret themselves within the digital world.
In this project, the technique of glazing and vibrant use of color allows for the conception of three-dimensionality within the forms. Each artwork gives rise to a visual labyrinth in constant motion. The experience derived from these pieces is dynamic and captivating, as the forms transform and intertwine in an artistic dance.
"Floral Impressions" gradually transcends into impressionism, offering evocative representation of the natural elements of leaves and flowers. Each form leads the viewer on a contemplative exploration of nature, interpreted through the unique lens of virtual reality.
Through the convergence of digital technology and inspiration drawn from nature, an ever-evolving dialogue between the viewer and technology is forged, revealing new dimensions in artistic expression and interpretation.  "Floral Impressions" fuses tradition and technology, resulting in a completely new way of showcasing and defining the art of painting.


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