Stefany Layton's earlier artistic endeavors showcase her innate talent for capturing intricate details and portraying subjects with a remarkable sensitivity that sets her apart. Her abilities in drawing and painting are evident, showcasing a high level of craftmanship. Throughout her artistic journey, Stefany has explored various avenues of creativity, honing her skills while pursuing her studies at university.
Upon completing her Arts Degree, Stefany embarked on a professional path that led her to work as an art teacher for Idartes in the vibrant City of Bogotá. This enriching experience provided her with valuable insights into the world of art and further deepened her connection to the artistic community. It was during this time that Stefany's dedication and passion for art solidified, propelling her towards a full-time career as an artist.
Today, Stefany masterfully merges her proficiency in traditional artistic techniques with the innovative realm of digital art technologies. Embracing the ever-evolving landscape of the art world, she skillfully navigates the intersection of tradition and technology, forging a unique and distinctive artistic voice.

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